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JOYHAUSER: Ova karijera nam predstavlja sve!

Sjajni duo Joyhauser koga čine Joris Cielen i Stijn Vanspauwen po prvi put dolaze u Srbiju i to na No Sleep Festival, a upravo je ovaj duo izdvojio malo vremena za naš portal i odgovarao na pitanja kako naših fanova tako i redakcije.

Radi zadrzavanja autenticnosti pitanja i odgovora, intervju se nece prevoditi na srpski!


1) First of all, how are you guys feeling?

All good here Thank you! We had some busy weeks in October with a 10 day tour in America, 4 big gigs at Amsterdam Dance Event and a lot of other gigs in other countries. But it won’t be getting more relaxed in the next months. We can’t believe how many bookings are planned already and how many new countries we’re going to visit in the next months

2) What does this career mean to you?

It means everything to us! We recently quit our full time jobs to focus 100% on our music and you can’t believe how happy we are right now. It’s a dream come true. Of course family is our number one and you have to balance this in your life but we both have girlfriends who are respecting of our night time jobs and give us a lot of support. That means a lot to us because they both have a busy job as well. You can’t just take that for granted.

3) Did you always know you wanted to be a DJ/producer? How did you get into it?

Joyhauser was born out of a common passion for electronic music culture – and the culmination of a friendship that goes back to 2004 during High-School. Starting out as party promoters back in the day, we organised events in our hometown. Techno music was always our biggest passion but in the very beginning Joris was playing soccer at a high level. Stijn was playing solo as a deejay. So the dreams were a bit different at that moment. Shit was getting real when Joris had a very bad knee injury and he had to quit soccer. It was by this accident that Joyhauser was born. Luckily!

4) How does your DJ-ing and  production dynamic look like? Is it hard to work as duo and what are the pros and cons?

Being a duo has a lot of advantages, you literally have more hands to work with. We are lucky the two of us are very complementary. Stijn is more the musically creative brain and engineer in the studio. He mostly starts with an idea and when we both agree to go further with it we both dive in the studio to finish the arrangement. Joris is inspired by listening exclusively to techno music. Stijn is more eclectic and searches for creativity in other styles. Joris is generally more the PR guy who is the mediator and go-to for artists, promotors and label owners. On the pure DJ part we are both on the same level. We both know what to expect from each other and it works perfectly.

5) What motivates you the most in your career? Is it the money, women, fame, or is it all about the music?

The music has always been our motivation. If you start dj-ing with the thoughts you gonna earn a lot of money at the beginning you are not at the right address here. We saw a lot of deejays coming and go but you have to make a lot of sacrifices and that isn’t easy. At the start of our career we played a lot of gigs for little money. When we played at a gig with not a lot of people for example we tried to build a good connection with the promotor and decreased even our fee. It was important for us to show our loyalty and to show respect to the promotors who believed in us. We know how difficult it sometimes can be to throw parties. During the years you need to stay patient, have a plan and always keep believing in yourself. And that is what we did. The long way wasn’t easy. But hard work pays off. Can you imagine we both had a full time job untill june 2019? Don’t forget from a financial view we are a duo and the fee isn’t automatically the double of a single dj. For quite a long time, we tried to combine both sides of our lives but at a certain point you just need to take a leap of faith. The weekly workload was getting really heavy and this was beginning to take its toll. In the past, the only moment we could really work in the studio was on Sunday evening, usually after a weekend full of gigs. We would arrive at work the next morning with barely any sleep. This had a negative impact on our creativity and energy. Hard times.

6) What are you most proud about in your career so far?

Playing at Pukkelpop and Awakenings festival. For us the number 1 gig must have been Pukkelpop in 2018, just because Pukkelpop is so emotionally significant for us. We’ve been visiting Pukkelpop since we were 15 years old and it still contributes to our taste in music until today. Other bucket list material must have been Awakenings Festival this year. Having the chance to play at the biggest techno festival is just amazing. We opened one of the stages there and it was packed in just 15 minutes. The atmosphere was amazing from the start until the end and we’ll never forget that moment, really emotional. Musically being part of so many good labels like Terminal M, Kraftek and second state.

7) What is more important nowdays in music industry… is it the music or the branding? How much do you pay attention to branding and marketing?

Both are important nowadays. But for instance: being a good producer doesn’t automatically result in becoming a big artist. It’s more than that. All the factors have to be right. You may be a great DJ, but you need to be great producer too if you want to break through internationally. Similarly, great producers aren’t always the best DJ’s, even though that’s what people expect when they come to see you play. Besides this, social media and online marketing are a big factor. People want to know who is behind the artist. That’s the reality nowadays. You can choose to neglect social media and do it the old school way but it’s hard to stand out like this. Last but not least: surrounding yourself with good people! We’re really happy with some particular people we’ve met along the way. Ugur Akkus, Amelie Lens, Marco Starke, Monika Kruse,… We learned a lot from them and they really helped us to develop our career into what it is right now. Good contacts are important but good guidance is at least as important. 

8) How do you see music scene right now?

Techno has become a denominator for a wide range of styles and techno, as a name, has maybe become a bit more “mainstream” and commercialised than it was back in the days. However, this is just a wave. There will always be an underground counterpart in techno. The underground sets the trends, trends get picked up and they evolve into something completely new and different. This is just how music in global works, everything comes and goes eventually.

9) What do you like to do in your free time?

We try to do some sports by going to the gym and swimming. But our favourite hobby is hanging around in our local pub in our hometown. Best beers from tap in the whole world. We get the chance to catch up with friends and get to enjoy our time off to the fullest.

10) Are you excited about your gig in Belgrade? Any message to Serbian fans?

It will be our Serbia debut and we can’t wait to play there. We heard a lot of good things about the music scene in Serbia. Just look at the line-up of No Sleep festival, great things are happening over there. 

11) Where do you see yourselfs in 5 years?

We can’t believe how much progression we’ve made in the last few years. You can’t predict the future in this business of course. Our goal is to aim higher and higher and work as hard as we can to get there, everyday. We don’t want to focus too much on other artists. We respect everybody’s choices and music and just try to follow our own path. In the end, we’re doing what we love most and that’s what makes you happy in the longterm.