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Intervju sa Stellom Bossi o muzici, njenim snimcima kao i DJ simpatiji!?

U koliko imate instagram profil i pratite barem jednu techno stranicu na njoj, definitivno ste čuli za Stellu Bossi. Njeni snimci i skečevi su skupili milione pregleda u poslednjoj godini, a podatak da je trenutno prati 90k+ ljudi na njenom instagram profilu dosta govori o njenoj popularnosti. Volili je ili mrzili ona je definitivno jedna od najpoznatiji techno devojaka” na sceni, a mi smo stupili u kontkat sa njom da porazgovoramo malo više o tome šta ona radi, kakvi su joj planovi za buducnost..

Radi autentičnosti pitanja i odgovora intervju se nece prevoditi na srpski.


How was your summer?

Awesome! Really good times 

I am sure a lot of techno and rave fans have seen you by now, but we dont really know much about you… Can you tellus more about who are you, where do you come from what do you do etc?

Hi, I’m Stella and I’m from Berlin. I work in the clubscene, I love techno, I love dancing and I do videos :).

How did you start filming this videos?

It all started after a long party night. We got out of a club and were discussing about where to go. I was still on party mood and so I started dancing in the middle of the streets and a friend of mine was filming it. I decided to put the video on Insta and that’s  how all started 🙂

Public opinion on you is very divided, people either love you or hate you.. What do you think why is that? Any message to “haters”?

Oh I really don’t know. I think it’s the most normal thing in life. Either you like something or you don’t, so that’s totally fine. 

How do you come up with the ideas and how long does it take you to make a video on an average?

It really depends. I see a lot of things in real life and online, so I get a lot of impressions. Then in the most normal situations like under the shower or in bed I have these ideas 🙂

Same thing with making the videos. When a friend of mine is filming me on a festival then it takes one shot, when I plan something then it also can take a couple of hours. 

Are you happy with how things are progressing right now?

I love what I’m doing and I’m happy.

Is this just a “having fun” type of thing for you or are you having a bigger goal in mind? What is your main goal?

I get this questions a lot also on Instagram and actually there is no bigger goal. I don’t need or have a master plan or something like that. I just love what I’m doing. Things can change so fast so I really enjoy the moment and the current situation. Nobody can predict the future so do I.

You have met a lot of famous DJs by now… Who was your favorite and the least favorite person to met?

Ahhh, who you like the most mom or dad? 🙂 I can’t tell :))) But I think that in general the techno scene is compared to others really real and down to earth. So more or less all the DJs I met are pretty cool and chill in person.

Not long ago we saw your vlog going to See You festival… We were surprised with seeing a different side of you.Is that something you would like to do more in the future?

I got a lot of trouble because of that vlogs 🙂 YouTube isn’t the right place to show the scene behind techno. YouTube is becoming more and more a family place where you get punished by showing „content for adults“. For the moment no more vlogs… 🙁

How would you describe yourself to the people that dont know you?

Hi, I love techno and dancing 🙂 and I do my best to not damage the world.

How do you see techno and rave scene right now?

Everything is changing. Techno is becoming more and more popular and this is ok. We can’t protect techno from the mainstream. What you wanna do? You wanna hide it? I think accepting the change makes your life easier and I really think the more people listen to techno and feel the lifestyle the better it is. Raves, techno clubs and techno festivals are so peaceful all the time, so maybe techno makes the world a better place. Why not? There is gangster rap but no gangster techno 😉

Favorite party so far?

A very small rave on an almoust empty very small island in Thailand

Any DJ you have crush on?

No 🙂

Since we are located in Serbia… do you have any plans visiting and going to EXIT FESTIVAL next year?

Oh yeah. I’m in the festival prep at the moment. And Exit is on my list! I can tell you in a couple of weeks 🙂 if it works. The agreement between my friends makes the hard part :))))

Any final message to people reading this?

Have a good time on earth and please try to leave the planet a happy place for our children. 

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