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Intervju sa Marikom Rossom: O slici, sexizmu i stanju na sceni!!

Nakon slike koja je otisla semi-viral koja pokazuje da su zenski atributi atraktivniji publici od rada muskih DJ-eva, Techno Nation Serbia team je stupio u kontakt sa Marikom koja je jedna od najpoznatijih DJ-eva danas i uspeo da dobije njenu izjavu vezano za celu sitaciju, kao i da dublje zadje na temu sexizma u muzickoj industriji.

Citava prica pocinje kada jedna od techno stranica iz Srbije objavljuje sliku prilozenu ispod, koja dospeva do Marike koja kroz salu reaguje na nju, ali takodje blokira nas instagram profil (@technonationserbia) iako nas portal nije imao nikakve veze sa slikom.

Nakon inicijalne reakcije, Marika na svom instagramu postavlja sledecu sliku.

Nakon svih ovih desavanja, odlucili smo da stupimo u kontakt sa Marikom i porazgovaramo sa njom o temi sexsizma u muzickoj industriji.

Radi zadrzavanja autenticnosti pitanja i odgovora, intervju se nece prevoditi na srpski!!!

Intervju radio – Jovan Vukosav (ONIX)

TNS: First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to us about this very important topic in our community

TNS: How did you feel when you saw the infamous picture? Is sexism something  you have to deal in your career a lot? How does it affect you?

Marika: Well, I’m used to this kind of bias, so I laughed hard) usually, when people are judging you, it means they are feeling inferior, so they try to find some flaws in you to justify their personal failures. Sexism is something that still goes along with male-dominated occupations, unfortunately. I think most of the girls are afraid to look “too feminine” or seem “too sexy” and deliberately make their appearance as plain as they can, only because they think they will receive these kinds of sexist insinuations.

TNS: We know you have been in this industry very long and have put in a lot of work to get from a DJ in Ukraine to where you are now….
Are people overlooking and undervaluing female djs who put in a lot of effort and what is your perspective on it?

Marika: I don’t expect any approval from others, as for me, the most important thing is to keep going further in pursuing my dreams and enjoying my life at its fullest, remembering, where I came from. So it’s strange for me, when people think I can’t live or work without their validation.

TNS: Do you think one of the problems is that there are girl DJs that are promoting their looks over music because it gets more attention?

Marika: I think the problem is everyone being too judgmental. If you think, that breasts are essential for success, then go make yourself a pair and let’s see, how far you can get.

TNS: What do you think is the best way to deal with sexism?

Marika: I think the best way to deal with everything is to fix your reactions. As nothing affects you, unless you let it affect you. Unfortunately, we have no power over immature people, maybe, with time we can raise a non-biased generation, by educating people, but, for me, it seems a little bit utopian.

TNS: Do you think music industry has gotten better for female DJs?

Marika: Of course, there are a lot more girls making waves in the industry now, compared to the previous decades, though they still have to go through quite tough times, and work very hard, proving they are equally as good and as valid, as male djs.

TNS: What is something that makes Marika Rossa special?

Marika: I think that everyone is special for being who they are and staying true to themselves.

TNS: Are you looking forward to your gig tonight?
Do you have any final message for Serbian fans?

Marika: Surely I’m really anticipating for tonight’s event and hope we all party hard! And you can hear my final message at Green Love festival yourself

Thank you Marika once again! Hope you have a blast tonight. See you there!