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10 Pitanja Sa: Anna Reusch

Svoje detinjstvo je provela u Viesbadenu, u muzičkom domu. Zahvaljujući svom ocu koji je svirao u bendovima, Anna Reusch je uvek bila okružena raznim vrstama instrumenata širom kuće. Međutim, njeno ulazak u muziku zapravo nije došlo sve dok nije naišla na elektronsku muzicku scenu. Nakon što je postala redovna u tehno klubu i sprijateljila se sa rezidencijalnim DJ-em, ubrzo je započela DJ karijeru i na kraju potpisala za ZIKS muziku sa svega 17 godina. Sada, producent / DJ ima novi dom sa sedištem u Mainzu. , a može se videti iza različitih festivalskih pozornica, uključujući Booka Shade, Homerun Open Air i još mnoge druge.

Anna je definitivno ime koje obecava, i drago nam je da smo imali cast da odradimo kratak intervju sa njom!

Napomena: Radi ocuvanja autenticnosti pitanja i odgovora, intervju se nece prevoditi na srpski!


1.Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your style of music and where you come from?

Hi, name is Anna and I am a DJ since I was 15 years old. I play danceable, groovy techno.  

2. What is your favorite moment of your career so far?

I am super happy that I can’t name one special moment because I already joined so many special moments, situation, gigs. But I think the next special moment will be the first gig after corona lockdown.  

3.At which point did you know you wanted to embark full-time music career?

I was a student and had two gigs at the weekend. On monday and wednesday I had exam and I failed both. At this moment I understood that I cannot handle to play every weekend while studying. A important person in my life said that I can go back to University of Applied Sciences every time but music industry is not waiting.  

4.Your biggest virtue and biggest flaw is?

My biggest virtue is sincerity and biggest flaw is being narrow-minded 

5.What is more important nowadays: music or marketing for success in this industry? How much of your energy do you put into one and the other?

I think there are perfect examples for both out there: If you are a great musician you will be successful one day if you are persistent. I really believe that. If you have a great marketing you can be successful inside the same business like the musicians without someones asking for your passion or seriousness.The problem today is that without marketing (means for me: distribute information online for example) less people will know you because the most people are streaming music, getting tipps for it on other social media platforms. So, sadly I have to say that both are important and I put my energy 50/50. 

6. Do you have a mentor? How important is it to surround yourself with good people?

I had a lot of good advices in my life but I never had a person I emulated. In every phase or phase of life there was or is always a person or a moment that taught and formed me. Its super important to be surrounded by good people and that’s why I always joined raves. Actually I have a very kind team around me and I am super thankful. 

7.Name one of your track that our followers must hear?

„Knocking“ of course. From my actually EP on Tronic 

8.How much does music industry effects mental health and how do you cope with all the stress?

I thought that I found a good balance between my job  including traveling, social media, nervousness and living in the country on a farm. But since the Corona forced break, I have to say that I have always been a little stressful myself. I often looked at my calendar, I was always planning something. I am currently becoming aware of this. As a self-employed person, you are yourself and permanent. 

9.When do you feel you are most creative? Do you have some rituals that help you get in the most creative state of mind?

I feel most creative when I feel safe and brave. For example when I feel that the audience really like me or my performance. When there is the feeling „I am not playing for you I am playing for us“. Sometimes a few drinks are helpful to be less nervous. In the studio I am just listening to my own feeling, do I want to dance.   

10.Where is your dream vacation?
Boring, but true: at home next to my loved ones, my animals, my books, my little wood <3